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If you’re looking to transition your career into tech or want the flexibility of working remotely, this is an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience. No prior knowledge is required, as the course is designed for beginner

Why become an executive virtual assistance

Flexible Hours

Many EVAs set their own schedules, making it easier to balance personal commitments and work responsibilities.

Long-Term Opportunity

Many companies and entrepreneurs seek long-term virtual support, providing stability and ongoing work.

Decision Making Power

EVAs can often make decisions on workflow and processes, enhancing their sense of ownership and responsibility.

Professional Connection

Working closely with executives and various teams offers opportunities to build valuable professional relationships.

What You Stand To Gain When Learning With Us

  • Job Placement 
  • Certification
  • 90 days Mentorship After Training
  • Research and Analytical Skills
  • Enhanced Technical Proficiency
  • Improved Communication skills
  • Career Advancement


Remote Project Assistant

A Remote Project Assistant (RPA) provides vital support to project managers and teams by handling various administrative project.

Virtual Office Manager

A Virtual Office Manager (VOM) provides remote management of administrative functions, it ensure the efficiency. 

Business Networking Coordinator

A Business Networking Coordinator is responsible for networking events and activities  among business professionals.


Freelancing and consultancy are professional services independently, they differ in scope, approach, and often in their client interactions.

Virtual Administrative Specialist

A Virtual Administrative Specialist (VAS) ensures efficient operation by handling various administrative tasks.

Virtual Communication Coordinator

They are responsible for managing and facilitating effective communication in a remote or virtual environment.

Project Coordinator

A Project Coordinator is a vital member of a project management team, responsible for supporting the planning, execution, and completion of projects.

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